Picture of Erez Freud

Principal Investigator

Erez Freud

Erez is the head of the lab. His interests are neuropychology of the visual system, object recognition, visuomotor control and developmental Psychology.

Picture of Noam Karsh

Post Doctoral fellow

Noam Karsh

I completed my PhD in Psychology at the University of Haifa, Israel. My research interests lie in the area of social and motor cognition. I am especially interested in how both the 'self' and social cognition are embodied in motor actions. My current work is dedicated to understanding the contribution of both the motor system and a ‘high-level’ cognition to one’s sense of agency and how such mechanisms influence motor learning, action-selection, motivation, impulsive decision making, response inhibition, perception and conscious experience.

Picture of Tasfia Ahsan

Graduate Student

Tasfia Ahsan

I am a Masters student in the Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science stream. Currently, I am investigating how depth information modulates perceptual precision using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques

Picture of Zoha Ahmad

Graduate Student

Zoha Ahmad

I am a first-year Master's student in York University’s Biology program. I recently completed my BSc (Honours) in Biology at York University with a minor in Psychology Lab. My current research interest is focused on alterations in the development of visuomotor representations. In my free time, I love to travel, try new foods and learn about the human mind!

Picture of Rachel Moreau

Graduate Student

Rachel Moreau

 I am a first-year Master's student in the Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Science stream. I am currently working in both the Freud Lab and the Kohler Visual Neuroscience Lab. I am interested in understanding how low-level visual cues contribute to complex processes such as object recognition. Making use of both neuroimaging and behavioral methods, I hope to develop a richer understanding of how simple visual qualities can culminate as rich, meaningful information in the brain. My research interests are heavily motivated by my love of painting, film, and graphic design. 

Picture of Ashish Srikanth

Lab Manager

Ashish Srikanth

Functional models of the visual cortex describe the feedforward method as a series of processing stages. How does the cortex perform the computationally challenging problems of vision? Do perception and action stem from separate brain circuits? I am an undergraduate student at York University, where I am working to delve deeper into these questions. My professional and academic interests currently lie in the areas of visual processing, sensory and motor systems, as well as the deterioration of these pathways over time

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Andreja Stajduhar

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at York University’s specialized honours Psychology program. My current research interest includes using fMRI technology to explore shape sensitivity in the dorsal and ventral visual streams, as well as exploring how object symmetry is represented in the brain. When I’m not working in the lab, I enjoy baking, cooking, and catching up on tv shows!

Picture of David Eldridge

Undergraduate Research Assistant

David Eldridge

I am a fifth year specialized honours student in York University’s psychology program. My current research interests are in visual neuroscience and memory. In my free time I like to play jazz piano, tend to my succulent garden and try to catch up on my massive backlog of books!s.

Lab alumni
  • Emily Davidson (2019-2020) - Undergraduate Research Assistant 

  • Kathryn Bolton (2019-2020) - Undergraduate Research Assistant 

  • Krista Chiasson (2019-2020) - Undergraduate Research Assistant 


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